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While working on the new major system we're going to release in a couple of weeks, it happened that Vinavil had a few spare time and came out with the idea of making a bounch of blades specifically designed for the Total War system. Even if the swords have been designed and produced in only 10 days we all think, here in Tokuno Wind, they're true masterpieces. The swords can be color customized in all parts, with an unbelievable wide range of colors, are also compatible with DCS2 and CCS systems. Morover they're specifically designed for Total War system, this means when using TW you can access two new special moves, and deliver a slightly higher damage.

Everything in these swords have been planned and made with extreme care,  even the smallest detail.

Check them out in our Total War shop

Last Updated (Tuesday, 24 August 2010 11:47)

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