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We've released a new spawner version, 2.00.0 or simply called 2000.

Here are the main changes:

- New physical engine for walking enemies

- new physical engine for flying enemies

- Bounty Hunter Missions compatibility

- New artificial intelligence for enemies when fighting

- DNA system for special enemies spawn

- Improved server interaction

- new enemies special abilities and spells

- possibility of having enemies that can receive damage also by arrows

- spawner working distance owner setting

- Over-Particle options

This is a big release with major changes, moving the version from 1.xx to 2.xx, so all old 1.xx spawners will be disabled from now on. If you find your spawner disabled and you didn't receive any update please contac Vinavil McMillan online to report the problem.

Last Updated (Sunday, 31 October 2010 10:54)


Tokuno Wind Total War version 2.00.8
- Changed some configurations involving minor bugs while fighting in MiX mode.

Last Updated (Wednesday, 20 October 2010 22:54)


Tokuno Wind Total War version
- Introduced some enhancements to prevent system from getting stuck in some random situation.
- Solved a bug where people where not able to see their journal from HUD,
- Solved some minor bugs.


Solved a Bug where alliance war where not added properly once a clan joined an existing alliance or a new war was declared between clans in different alliances.


Tokuno Wind Total War version
- Added journal button in HUD.
- Solved a problem where players could get stuck while in combact.
- Changed the visualization engine for quest text in HUD.

Last Updated (Tuesday, 05 October 2010 21:31)

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