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Total War is a "Gaming System" , a complete modular platform for your roleplay game in Second Life, a real MMORPG.
Are you bored of the usual combat meter giving you only support for pvp fights and duels? Do you want and need something more?

Immagine a land with orcs, undeads, minotaurs or other fiend creatures to defeat, with player clans warring each other, castles to be captured or arenas where players can duel gladiators. Immagine a land where you can get quests, kill tasks or missions from not playing characters, immagine bounty missions where you must hunt down a wandering creature.
Well, you're picturing a land powered by Total War.

Total War is free for users, the combat system itself comes free of charge and it's freely distributed.

Total War is discreet, it can coexists together with other combat systems. Just turn pvp mode off and the Total War HUD will handle all Total War gear only,  while your DCS2 or other combat meters will take care of your PvP fights.

Total War is modular, it means the components can be purchased one by one, you can buy an undeads spawner today, then an orc spawner two months later. Alternatively we offer a "Full Service" option, a monthly fee based service to setup and keep your land updated to the last news and release, all inclusive, a great solution for sim owners not willing to deal with the land's combat features.

Total War is alive, we plan and develope new items, systems or events every month.

Total War is completly automatic, it doesn't need human presence to run, just like a MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role play game).

Total War is cross platform, this means you don't have to change your DCS2, CSI, GOR, Spellfire, GLM, CCS weapons to play.

Total War is easy, just click the map on your HUD, teleport to destination and start fighting some creatures.

The main Total War elements are:

  1. Combat System, a two pieces item including a HUD, for users.
  2. Spawners: the creature generator, you can choose between several different NPC Enemies: for example undeads, orcs, ninjas, onis, minotaurs, abyss creatures, spartans...
  3. Clan Shrines: the backbone of Total War warfare, shrines allow clan formation and management, clan wars and alliance.
  4. Keeps: a kit including two gates, a keep control console, and flagpoles to make your castle Total War compatible. This will allow your castle to be conquered by enemy clans.
  5. Mission Givers: non-player characters who charge kill tasks and bounty hunter missions, where special creatures must be hunted down.
  6. Gladiator's Arenas: an item spawning special fighters upon comand that players must defeat in 1vs1 fight.
  7. Mythic Creatures: Dragons and other mighty creatures available only in Official Total War Lands (i.e. whose owners made a "Full Service" contract), that can be killed only by group of people.
  8. Shovel: a special item that allows players to accomplish quests given by Enemies NPC when they are asked to travel around all the TW Lands and dig to find the rewards.
  9. Website: everything is fully integrated with our website, you can access your personal records, change your character's configuration, manage your clan, see rankings, by  using our website.

Here is a short guide to Total War systems. Follow side menu for details.

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