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Total War is a "Gaming System" , a complete modular platform for your roleplay game in Second Life, a real MMORPG.
Are you bored of the usual combat meter giving you only support for pvp fights and duels? Do you want and need something more?

Immagine a land with orcs, undeads, minotaurs or other fiend creatures to defeat, with player clans warring each other, castles to be captured or arenas where players can duel gladiators. Immagine a land where you can get quests, kill tasks or missions from not playing characters, immagine bounty missions where you must hunt down a wandering creature.
Well, you're picturing a land powered by Total War. (read more...)



Three different kind of clockwork creatures spawners are now available in Total War Stores, straight from the mechanical Victorian Era!

Get your weapons ready and fight against the Mad Doctor's Steam Creatures: Robots, Bugs and Sentinels!

You can also take the chance to visit the new TOKUNO STEAM STORE, with cool accessorizes and vehicles in machanical steampunk style.

Last Updated (Friday, 20 January 2012 12:40)



Everyone ready to fight, Romulans have been sighted in Total War Sector, get your phasers and guns ready,

we need to destroy them all!!!

If you want a Total War Borg Spawner for your land visit our Total War Store or check SL Marketplace.


Last Updated (Tuesday, 17 January 2012 11:05)

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