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Problem: if for whatever reason the shrine misses its connection to Tokuno Wind external datacenter there's a chance the shrine itself gets stuck, this chance percentage grows up according with datacenter down time. In a few words a few minutes down time has barely a 0,1% chance while a 3 hours downtime may end up with a 100% chance of having your shrine stuck. This makes the bug dangerous mainly in case of major connection issue to our server, so pretty rare.

Solution: Just click your shrine medallion and set it to OFF, then set it to ON again to reset the system. We plan to correct this problem in a few days with the next release freely delivered by our update center to shrine owners.

Last Updated (Wednesday, 01 September 2010 13:22)


Problem: we sighted a problem involving wrong total cards number and total points in rankings and player info pages. Also hud information has been reflecting wrong values.

Solution: problem has already been solved with yesterday night website update and points and card numbers have been recalculated to match the real points each player has taken in his whole playlife.

Last Updated (Thursday, 02 September 2010 15:46)

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