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Q.- I just put on my Total War 2, what shall i do now?
A.- We kindly suggest you to get confidence with the system by reading this manual and have a look at the total war map, click any of the Icon to be teleported directly in the middle of a monsters spawn, but be ready to fight.

Q.- How can I create a clan?
A.- To create a clan you need a Shrine. It will give you the ability to create and manage your own clan.

Q.-Can I have a customized Scenario for my own Roleplay?
A.- Yes. If you own a clan and you need a customized Scenario, contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we'll provide you with a brand new one.

Q.- I own a dcs2 clan, and i would like to add Keep conquering to our Roleplay without change our combat system, is it possible?
A.- Yes, it is. Using Total War 2 together with your combat system, you will be able to use any Total War application and tool.

Q.- I would like to create a monster area in my land, how can I do that?
A.- You can create a monster area by placing a Monster Clan's Structure in your land.

Q.- How do you change your 'errant fighter' tag?
A.- 'Errant fighter' is the default tag, as soon as you join a clan or create your own, it changes to the clan name. You can also choose to make it invisible by clicking the "color button" on your Total War HUD.


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