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It's a couple of months we're working on a new release of our Gaming System. Total War 2 is now becoming a reality, probably going to be released the next week. This new version will definetly put together Total War LITE and Total War Battle System, giving the possibility to Total War LITE users to engage PvP fights. Total War Battle System users will find the new Gaming System really easy to understand, much faster and lighter. We reviewed all the Total War System code, many things has changed, even in the deeper concepts, and the whole HUD has been redone.

We seriously think this new Gaming System will be a very good choice for mob killing as well as for PvP fights, so we kindly welcome you to test it and give your personal opinion in our forum or maybe only by mailing us.

Like all the others Total War Systems, also Total War 2 will keep itself free of charge!

Last Updated (Friday, 04 June 2010 06:43)

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