Tokuno Wind is proud to introduce its great family of Total War Companion: they are truly amazing, trusted, entertaining, fabulous and you have never seen before something like this on Second Life!

Total War Companion will become your Best friend in duels, hunting and all your Roleplay in Second Life!
Choose which Companion is the best for you between many different types, (Bunny, Goblin, Skeleton, Dwarf, Minotaur, Steam Robot, ...) with different special features, give him a name, summon it and start!

Your companion will be registred in Tokuno Wind website as a real Player, he will gain Total War Points by fighting against other Players with PvP option ON, against other Total War Companions, and will make YOU collect Total War Points and Cards by killing Total War Mobs (the best Enemies NPC on the whole Grid).

Your Companion will gain XP points by fighting against Mobs or other Companions, and with these points you can develop your companion's skills as you prefer!
You can also programm his Attack routine for a personal customized strategy!

Total War Companion is also a great tool for your Roleplay: you can make him talk, order him to stay and move away (within a 1200 meter range) and ask him to report you all what is said in open chat near him, he can tell you how many people and who is around him...
Your Companion will follow you wherever you go, even if you teleport to another place!

Don't be worried about prim limits, Total War Companions use 0 Prims!!!!

Check them out in Total War Store in Rieul or online on SL Marketplace


Last Updated (Tuesday, 17 January 2012 11:04)