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Total War's Beta is doing well, we already made some changes following player's updates. You'll receive an automatic update once you put the old version on. New Version 1249 includes life meter and some fine tunings to damage and life recharge rate. We also released the shrines for beta testing, available on demand. Shrines focus on clan management, clan wars, alliance, and includes a clan/alliance comunication system.

Ask for a shrine now to Teclo Flow or Vinavil McMillan.


Total War battle system is now available for beta test, you are able to find distributors in our main shops and get for free the combact system. We kindly ask you to try it and leave your feedback in the Total War Forum available on this website.

Here is a full list of shops where you're going to find the battle system, right now, click location for Slurl link:

Tokuno Wind Main Store NAGASAK, Nagasaki BAKUMATSU (188, 173, 22)

Anime & Neko Mall ~ ChibiBoo B, Liberation (247, 28, 21)

Kripple Kreek Shopping Center, Elboya (56, 88, 57)

Kodama no Ki - anime cosplay Nar, Izumo (115, 239, 26)

Chinese Garden , Harbour Fort, Penghu (108, 65, 21)

TORA SAMURAI ~ C:SI combat sim ~ Tora (47, 76, 24)

Little Yoshiwara - Edo Period Ja, Milarepa (131, 101, 43)

Dragon Claw Island - C:SI Combat, Dragon Claw Island (163, 160, 26)

Feudal Nippon, Nippon (132, 79, 21)

Tokuno Wind - Kyoto BAKUMATSU, Kyoto BAKUMATSU (30, 11, 21)

Kitaro Japanese Market and Ochay, Kitaro (150, 160, 902)


Last Updated (Saturday, 28 November 2009 03:59)


Total War

What does Total War mean? It's a new combat system, or better we can say it's a battle system made by Tokuno Wind.  Why do we call it a "battle system"? Because what we're doing is something never done before, we're not only making a new combat system, but we're integrating all major combat systems most used into one large system. What we're expecting to see in the next future are people with DCS2, CSI, CCS, Spellfire, GLM and GOR weapons fighting together, grouped in organized clans or alliance of clans, in the "Total War" to get control of keeps and ancient relics, in many different scenarios or in the large total War main scenario.
We're entering public beta on Saturday, November 21th. We still haven't set a dead line for the final release, but in our plans we're going to release the system until the end of the year, possibly right before Christmas.
One of the main important feature for Total War is that will come totally FREE, released by our vendors without charging a single coin. Please note we're not planning to produce weapons, so you'll need weapons compatible with supported combact systems to play in Total War, any of them.
The system will be released together with other three very important optional items:

  1. Shrine: it's a device for clan management purpose.
  2. Keep: you'll be able to set under siege enemy's keep.
  3. Relics: relics will give fighting bonus to clan members, once put on the clan's shrine. We still are evaluating how to release relics in the world without creating unbalancing, so nothing is certain yet about this feature.

To apply for beta simply get the combat system for free from one of our vendor, we'll let you know the complete list of vendors location before the beta opening. Please read or post in our forum for questions and answers.

Stay tuned.


Last Updated (Friday, 11 December 2009 00:13)


Some weeks have passed without any news from our team. We're not sleeping but we're working hard on our next project. We don't want to let you know much but that's a very big project involving all our stuff. We are currently working on three different items, they will be released all together and will be something different from everything out in second life. The core of this project will be free of charge. In our plans we're going to release all the new stuff around Christmas, possibly some testing will be arranged in the second week of November.

Stay tuned.


A new section has been added under "Game Scores and Items" menu. It's dedicated to our new second life in game servers. It's something we got out of the box while designing our next product family, born by the need of providing full updates to our new generation products. Servers are not on sell right now, we still need a little testing, but we're probably going to lunch our first update server TK-101 in a couple of weeks.
Stay tuned.

Last Updated (Sunday, 13 September 2009 16:47)

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